Purchase Serious Font CollectorTM                                                             

To remove all restrictions on collections and fonts, you need to purchase and register this software. The price is $30

Step 1 - Get UserID
You must first get the UserID number for your computer. Obtain this number by selecting Help -> Register in the SFC application. Write down the UserID number.

Step 2 - Purchase the Software
Click on the link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

Purchase SFC

Step 3 - Register the software

After you have completed step 2, you will receive an activation code via e-mail. Open the SFC registration dialog, again, by selecting Help -> Register. Enter the activation code in the field provided, and press Enter. That's it. You can now create all of the font collections you need. If you do not receive your activation code within 24 hours contact support@norronsoftware.com.