Help for Serious Font CollectorTM

To download the latest version of the SFC help file click here. Place this file in the SFC applications folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Serious Font Collector), so that SFC can find it.

To read the FAQ file click here.

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To make a comment or suggestion, e-mail Ron Gumbrecht, President of Norron Software


Help Topics




User Interface-Tab Panel
User Interface - Toolbar
User Interface - Collection List
User Interface - Status Panel


Quick Start

Software Registration
Font Collections
New Collections
Collections Options
More Collections Options
Opening Collections
Collections on CD-ROM
Modifying Collections
Organizing Collections
Special Collections
Installing Fonts
Viewing Fonts
Printing Fonts
Preferences - Control
Preferences- Renaming
Preferences- Strings
Font Files

Creating a New Collection
Adding Fonts
Viewing the Catalog
Viewing the Collection

Using Serious Font Collector