Serious Font CollectorTM - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I created a collection with both the alphabetical and family folder options. Most of the fonts have only one member in the family. How can I get rid of the family folders?

Answer: Modify the collection. Here's how to do it:

a. Click on the Modify toolbar button.

b. Uncheck the "Use Family Folders" checkbox

c. Click "Done". The collection will be re-built without the family folders.

2. After adding some fonts from zip files, I noticed a new folder named "SFC unzipped" on my disk. What is this, and can I get rid of it?

Answer: This is a temporary folder that is created during the unzipping process. It should have been automatically removed after the fonts were added to the collection. Possibly, the process was interrupted before the folder could be removed. You can delete this folder without any harm.

3. I removed a collection using the "organize" function, but the collection folder is still on the disk. How do I get rid of the collection?

Answer: The "Remove" function only removes the collection from the list. To actually delete the collection from your hard disk, just delete the collection folder. either the "Open" or "Organize" lists will show you the location of the collection folder.