Download Serious Font CollectorTM

The latest version of Serious Font CollectorTM is 1.0.4 . Currently, SFC is approved for use with Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. Approval for other versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000) is pending.

If you have "Winzip" or other unzipping utility,
Click here to download the zip file "", otherwise

Click here to download the auto-extracting "SFC-Install.exe"
This file has been checked with Norton Anit Virus 2003, Virus Definitions 7/9/2003

Installing Microsoft .Net Framework
SFC has been developed with the lastest Microsoft software environment and requires that certain software infrastructure components be installed on your computer. This is called the Microsoft ".NET Framework". Most new software is being developed under this environment, so it is likely that you will need this framework, eventually.

It must be present before you install Serious Font Collector. (Even the SFC installer requires the .NET Framework) Use one of the following methods to get the .NET Framework:

1. Automatic method
The easiest way to ensure that you have this component installed is to go to the Microsoft Windows Update page, and select ".Net Framework" for download and installation. If it is available for you to download, then do so. If not, then the Microsoft .NET framework is already present on your computer, or it is not available for your system. If you have not properly registered your copy of Windows XP, Microsoft may deny you the ability to use Windows Update. In that case, use the manual method, below.

The URL for the Microsoft Windows Update site is:

2. Manual method
To manually check if you need to download and install this component, follow the procedure below, logged in as a system administrator:
(instructions are for Windows XP only)

1) Click Start

2) Click control panel (or Settings -> Control panel)

3) Double click on "Administration Tools"

4) See if there is selection for "Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration"

If there is a selection for "Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration", then your computer is ready to install SFC.
If there is no selection for "Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration", you need to downloaded it from one of these sites:

After you have downloaded the file: "dotnetfx.exe", double-click on it and follow the instructions.

Installing Serious Font Collector

After you have made sure that the .Net Framework is installed, you can proceed to install SFC. Double click on the downloaded file to unzip it. To install, just double click on the file: "SFC-Setup.msi" and follow the on-screen instructions.