You can view font files that are either part of the collection or not. That is, you can use either the Collection tab or the Files tab to select files. The selection process to view font files is similar to the method used for adding files. You find the folder of interest in the left pane and either select the folder or select a file in the right pane. Then you press the View button.If a single file was selected, a font view dialog is shown. The right side shows a sample of the font and the left side gives you information about the font.  In this dialog, you can opt to install or print the font by pressing the Install or Print buttons, respectively. The printed sample is a little more elaborate than the screen version. Pressing either Next or Stop will close the dialog.

If a folder was selected, the same font view dialog is presented, and the selected fonts are viewed one at a time. Pressing the Next button will show you the next font in the folder. Pressing the Stop button will terminate the viewing process. If a font file is a TrueType Font Collection file with multiple fonts , pressing Next will show each font inside the file in turn, until the last one has been shown. Viewing files will then resume.
When the last file in the folder has been displayed, pressing Next will return you to the main form

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