SFC creates and maintains two special font collections; the "Installed Fonts" collection and the "UnInstalled Fonts" collection. To view one of these collections, use the Collection Pull-down list. They are always the first two collections listed. Just like any other collection, you can view the collection or the catalog by selecting the appropriate tab.

The "Installed Fonts" collection shows the fonts that are currently installed in your system. It is automatically re-generated each time the SFC application is launched, because there is no way to tell if fonts were installed since the last time the application was run.

There are some restrictions on the operations that you can do with this collection. You cannot use the Install function when this collection is open, because all of the fonts are already installed. You cannot Add fonts, because this would have the same effect as the Install function. To find out how to install a font into the system, refer to the topic Installing Fonts.

If you wish to remove a font from your system, select the font in the "Installed Fonts" collection, and press the Delete toolbar button. Unlike the Windows "Fonts" control panel, when you remove a font from the system with SFC, it is not deleted, it is simply moved to the "UnInstalled Fonts" collection. This is to prevent unintended loss of a font file.

While viewing the "UnInstalled Fonts" you can choose to really delete the file by pressing Delete or you can re-install the font by pressing Install. In both cases, this removes the font from the "UnInstalled Fonts" collection. You cannot add fonts to this collection.