Serious Font Collector is distributed as shareware. That is, you can try the software before you buy it, to see if it meets your needs. When you have decided that it is worth paying for (as we hope you will), you simply contact one of the registration agents on-line.

Under the Help menu, select Registration. On this screen, you will be provided with a User ID. This code is used when you register the software. To connect with the registration site, either click on the link, or manually enter the URL: "" into your browser.
At the registration site, follow the on-screen directions. You will receive an Activation code via e-mail.

To complete the registration process, return to the SFC Help > Register menu and enter the Activation code in the field. This will enable unrestricted use of SFC. This code will only work on a single computer. If you need to move the software to a different machine, you will need a new Activation code. Contact us at

Software that has not been registered, yet, will have certain restrictions. Specifically, each user is only allowed a single collection, and the total fonts added to all collections cannot exceed 500.