In this section we’ll show you how to add fonts to your collection.

You start by selecting font files. The first step is to select the Files tab on the main display.  This shows all of the folders on your computer in a tree hierarchy.

When you select a folder on the left pane, the files in that folder are shown in the right pane.  You can select a single font file on the right or a whole folder on the left. If you have opted to include sub-folders (see preferences), the selection will include all of those font files that are in the sub-folders, as well. The number of files selected is shown in the status panel at the bottom of the display. This count may be different than the number of fonts that are ultimately added to the collection, since some of the files may not be valid font files.

After you have made your selection, press the Add button. What happens next depends on the options you have selected in the preferences section. If you selected “Confirm Each Addition”, you will be asked to add or skip each file individually. Otherwise, the font-adding process will run to completion.  A progress bar will give you an idea of how things are proceeding.

Alternatively, you can simply double-click on a single font file to add it.

You cannot add fonts to the "Installed Fonts" or "UnInstalled Fonts" collections.

To remove a font from a collection, select the font and press Delete.