You can create as many collections as you wish with SFC. The program maintains a list of active collections for you. This list can be modified by pressing the Organize button on the toolbar or by selecting Collection > Organize from the menu. The Organize dialog, shows the current list, and provides a number of functions to modify the list. This dialog does not make any changes to the collection folders, just the list. When you are finished with your changes, press Done to exit.

Starting from the left, the first button is Remove All. Use this function to clear the list, except for the two special collections. You will be asked to verify that this is what you really want to do.

The next button is Remove. You first select a collection and then press this button to remove it from the list. If you want to delete the collection from your computer, including all of the fonts, you have to do it through the usual Windows methods for deleting files and folders. Incidentally, if you delete a collection from your hard drive, but neglect to remove it from the list, SFC will continue to display it in the list but will flag it as “Unavailable”. You cannot remove the "Insalled Fonts" or UnInstalled Fonts" collections.

The Modify button is similar to the button in the main toolbar, with one difference. The button in the Organize dialog will modify the collection that is selected from the list. The Modify button on the main toolbar will always affect the currently open collection. Other than that, the modify dialog functions in the same way. Refer to the topic "Modifying Existing Collections" for the details.

The Add button is used to add collections to the list. You do this by selecting a collection folder from the Add Collection dialog. After you select a folder from the tree view, the fields below will indicate the selected folder and how many collections are contained in it. You can select a number of collections at once by enabling the checkbox Include Sub-Folders. The field below the selection will indicate how many collections are in the folder and sub-folders. This can be useful if you have relocated your font collections to a CD-ROM or another hard drive. Press Include to complete the process.

The Open button will open the selected collection, just like the Open dialog does.