By using the functions in the Organize collections dialog, you can easily accommodate collections on a CD-ROM. Here's how to do it.

After you are satisfied with the contents of your collection(s), use your favorite CD burning software to copy it to a CD-ROM. Then, use the Add button in the Organize dialog to have it included in the list. You may want to remove the hard disk version from the list or you may want to keep it, to make future modifications easier. SFC can accommodate collections with the same name but at different locations.

Obviously, since a CD is a read-only device, you cannot add fonts, delete fonts, or modify these collections in any way. If you want to make changes, you must copy it back to the hard drive, make your changes, and burn it onto a new CD-ROM.

If the CD is not in the drive, the collection will be flagged as “Unavailable” in the collection list. To make it available again, close the dialog, insert the CD, wait a few seconds for the CD to mount, and select Organize or Open, again.

see also: Organizing Collections