You create a new collection by pressing the New toolbar button or by selecting File>New from the menus. The “New Collection” dialog shows all of the options that can be specified for your new font collection.

The first order of business is to give your collection a name. Type it in the Name field provided. You can use any characters that are legal for Windows file names. Characters such as *, ?, and \ are not allowed. Check your Windows documentation for full details. This name will be used to create a folder to hold the collection. The location of the collection folder on your computer is specified by the Location field. You cannot enter directly into this field, but you must use the browse button. This button shows a familiar tree view of the folders on your disks. It is usually most convenient to use a single folder, such as “Font Collections”, or “Font Library” to contain all of your collections, but this is not necessary. You can put your collections anywhere you like. You can optionally check the “Make this the default folder” checkbox to have this folder become the default starting location for all new collections. The Location field shows the location of the new collection folder.

A Description field is provided for you to enter a description of the new collection. This description appears on the catalog title page and in the collection Open dialog. It is OK to leave this field blank.

see also: Font Collection Options
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