Many people are enamored with fonts. They collect more fonts than one could use in a lifetime. Some work with fonts as part of their daily routine, where you need to use a small number of fonts at a time from a very large collection. If you are one of these people, the Serious Font Collector is for you.

With the thousands of fonts that are now available, it has truly become an embarrassment of riches.The trouble with a large font collection is that it is difficult to manage and use efficiently. To make things worse, most font vendors provide their products with cryptic file names, like BT____455N.ttf . This is a legacy of the bad old days when file names had to be in the 8.3 format. To find that one font, you sometimes had to click through dozens, or even hundreds of files.

The special capabilities of the Fonts folder and the Fonts control panel in Windows help a little. Here you can see all of the installed fonts and their file names. However these capabilities are limited to the installed fonts. If you have a large font collection, you cannot install all of the fonts at once. It slows the system down too much and produces veeeery long font menus. Double clicking on a font file brings up a sample page that lets you see what the font looks like. This is useful, too, but its not enough.

The Serious Font Collector attempts to take some of the tedium out of managing your font collection. It can rename font files with meaningful names, organize the files, and create catalogs and lists, as well as previewing and installing fonts.

With SFC you create one or more font Collections. Each font collection is located in a separate folder. This folder can be located anywhere on your computer, even on a CD-ROM. You then add fonts from any source to the collection. The font collections can be named whatever you like. Separate collections for Novelty, Script, Text, and Pi fonts might make sense for you. Perhaps Shareware, Adobe, or Linotype fonts would be more useful. Itís all up to you. You can create as many collections as you like.

Each collection has an associated font Catalog. The font catalog is automatically generated, and updated each time you add new fonts. Different catalog styles are provided so you can pick the one that is most appropriate for the fonts in the collection. You can view or print the catalog at any time, by pressing the Catalog tab.

SFC is distributed as shareware. You can create a single collection of up to 500 fonts, before you decide if you want to purchase the full product. See Registration for details.