To install fonts into your system, select the font in the collection view, and press Install. The font file is copied to the Windows\Fonts folder and the Windows Operating System is notified of the new font. It should be immediately available for applications. If the font does not show up in application menus, open the Control Panel > Fonts, under the Start Menu. After you open this panel, the system should update the fonts. Close the control panel, again.

You can also install fonts that are not part of a collection by selecting the Files tab, locating the font on your disk, and pressing Install.

To remove the font from the system, use the Delete button. This will move the font file to the "UnInstalled Fonts" collection, where you can choose to re-install or delete the font file.

You may also use the View function to review a folder full of fonts, and install only those that you want by pressing Install in the View dialog. Select a folder and press the View button.

If you are running SFC under Windows XP as a restricted user, not a system administrator, you will be unable to install fonts. This is because, under XP, running programs inherit system permissions from the current user. A restricted user, such as the "Guest" account, does not have rights to modify the Windows\Fonts folder.

see also: Viewing Fonts
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