A font collection is just a folder that contains one or more fonts. Inside this folder are the font files along with some other files for the collection, the catalog, and lists. The actual organization of the collection folder depends on the options specified when the collection was created. In the most basic form, this organization can be as simple as a single folder that contains all of the fonts in the collection. You can also specify that you would like the font files to be sorted into alphabetical folders, and/or font family folders.

SFC keeps a list of active collections. You can add or remove collections from this list by using the Organize function. The program remembers the last collection that was open and will use this collection the next time the application is started.

There are two special collections that are automatically generated and maintained; the "Installed Fonts" collection, and the "UnInstalled Fonts" collection. The Installed Fonts collection shows the fonts that are currently installed in your system, while the "UnInstalled Fonts" collection shows the fonts that were removed from the system by the SFC application. For more details, see the topic Special Collections.

Under Windows XP, each user will have their own set of collections. If you wish to share collections among users, use the Add function in the Organize screen to include collections for each user.

You should avoid moving, renaming, or otherwise changing any of the files or folders in the collection, unless specifically allowed. SFC depends on certain files being in the expected places, and it will not function properly if they are altered.

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